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1st Session: Dwarven Demolition
Character Creation and 1st Episode

1 Schemer: Ginkizzie prepares his dwarves for a move against a target
2 Solo: O-gul cleans up the privvies at his bar, the Bubbling Baboon: critical success
3 Solo: Stayn wakes up from hangover, scans the passersby for likely pockets to pick
4 Solo: Caliope bakes delicious steamed buns — a new treat, popular with the crowd
5 Solo: Lita, wide eyed and innocent oracle, draws a crowd with her plaintive cries
6 Schemer: Bor-Eel stares into the distance, eager to see what happens when the Mostali begin tearing down a noisome bar in Farmer’s Town
7 Solo: Malancthon looks out from the Temple of Pavis, tries but fails to divine the schedule of the Mostali
8 Solo: Davydd sneaks into the Knowledge Temple a little early and learns the secret name of the unusual runic charm he has: its meaning is “The Faceless King”
9 Intrigue: Ginkizzie and Bor Eel confer over the schedule. It is approved and the dwarves troop through Sun Town, past the Farmer’s Market, and right over the the Bubbling Baboon
10 Solo: Oghma, a struggling young orphan with a meagre flock of goats approaches the town and sees the Morokanth who took his parents bringing a crowd of herd men to to town. Prepares to sneak up.
11 Group Scene (Team): The PCs are all in range of one another and take various actions. Lita seeks Malancthon, who has hurried to the scene with eldrich speed. Caliope and Stayn assist O-gul in keeping this bar safe. Oghma unleashes an arrow at Goldthumb the Morokanth from the shadows, but with preternatural speed, the tapir wheels a herd man around in defense.
12 Extended Conflict [reduced to group simple contest]: a MAAAAASIVE victory for the clan. O-gul’s battle horn summons an intimidating crowd of clansmen, Malancthon hypnotizes Ginkizzie, Davydd baffles some of the followers. The Mostali retreat to Dwarf Town.

No time to do proper session wrap up.

Demon Dogs at the Festival

1. [GM] Color/Occupation: A moon-masked lunar agent releases dogs towards the Garhound settlement, they turn invisible.
2. [GM] Connection/In-Group: Gavial Latish working in knowledge temple researching “Pavis” and “Marriage”: Davydd is tasked with getting some scrolls from the stacks. Haetera, priestess of Irripi Ontor is there too.
3. [PC] STAYN—Connection/Clan: Stayn gets the leadership together behind is proposal to gather more wealth: a big market celebration hosted by the Golden Arrows. They go for it.
4. [GM] Connection/Out-Group: Ginkizzie approaches Ogul and the leadership of the clan: announces that the demolition of the bar will take place after the Lunar festival. The implication is that the clan would be wise to go along with the grand Lunar festival coming up.
5. [PC] LITA—Connection/Clan: Lita visits Brygga the Mayor. She will encourage members of the Garhound Clan to come. She is fully aware that the Governor is planing a procession in honour of the Goddess and the Emperor. She is happy to encourage this side-festival as well, just not officially.
6. [GM] Colour/Occupation: Haloric Sunspear and his bodyguard stride from Suntown into Farmer’s Town to speak to the clan leaders about the Lunar festival. I forget why.
7. [GM] Connection/Occupation: H. goes to visit clan leader. He laid down that he wanted everyone in the town to at least make an appearance. He agrees to make an appearance at the festival, but politics and genuine support of the occupation will force hime to be at the Lunars’ parade.
8. [PC] STAYN—Colour: Stayn working up posters. [I didn’t give him a chance to shine]
9. [PC] OGHMA—Colour/Clan: Oghma and Alynx climbing the city rooftops and delivering a rabbit to Lita to ask for a reading of the entrails.
10. & 11. & 12. [Unclear Scene Type] Caliope and Ty involved in some type of flirting. Lita comes down to talk about the reading of the entrails which went badly. There is no way to tell how the ritual will go.

@ Exception @
Davydd snuck in an augment by alerting the clan to the presence of invisible demons. Cool. I don’t want to be Hitlerian about the scene economy, but use your resources wisely: I’m thinking of asking for a Hero Point everytime someone wants to get in an extra action.

Overlooked Scenes
13. [PC] Caliope—Color: OVERLOOKED [did you do something with Grandma?]
14. [PC] Ty—Connection: OVERLOOKED [was this when Lita came down for a talk?]
15. [GM] Color/Outgroup: OVERLOOKED [never saw Ginkizzie rolling solo?]

16. [GM & PC] Extended Contest: (Reduced to a group simple contest. Gotta stop doing that.)
Stakes>> Lunars ruin the festival and damage clan magic. Clan pulls off festival and improves wealth.

  • Didn’t happen.
  • Most of the characters piled on to save the alynxes, some resorted to self defense.
  • Again, the crew were victorious

Post session worked fairly well this time. I will bring out the full selection of Lore Sheets next time.

Clan continues to have great success. And the obstacles are now at Very High. General Resistance is 16, Augment Obstacle is 15.

Give Peace a Chance
nothin's funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding
Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue Halarax, Ingilli H. (normally pro-Lunar) asks for a chance to make peace w. raiders attacking boats, I. (normally neutral) gives him a month to end them or he will ask for the Lunars to do it: business before politics.
#2 Sam Connecting O-gul,Caliope / Dolphin Gang O and C picking up exotic booze shipment, Ds ask for protection money, C sneaks off, O gives them a drink from horn, fails to intoxicate them, retreats
#3 Kole Connecting Stayn,Booster / Dolphin Gang S has spotted his rival meet w. Ingilli in the Rivermen’s Hall, backed by blackmarketeer Booster, they see Uncle O-gul humiliated by Dolphins, try to blowgun one for questioning, fail and kill him. Stayn leaves note: don’t mess w. Golden Arrow Clan [Gang Warfare Loresheet]
#4 GM Scheming Zakurrial Blue Llama The fanatical Blue Llama shaman summons a potent blue spirit medicine, pounces on a reed barge heading upriver, sends it to bottom of the Zola Fel, still burning, then spurs his llama off to Vulture Country (turns out a junior member of the Golden Arrows was aboard it.)
#5 GM Scheming Orvost Tintalker The fugitive Orlanth priest is seen backing out of a tunnel in The Rubble, crying something like “we can talk this out,” gets engulfed by flood of dark Troll magic.
#6 Mark Connecting/Team Ty & the PCs (Oghma spies a while, then leaves) Ty talks about the need to start working on further improving the clan’s wealth. Kole suggests they approach the clan. [Rubble Loresheet]
#7 GM Intrigue Orvost Tintalker [cont. from #6]The fugitive Orlanth priest and his crew materialize in the Bubbling Baboon, and break in on the meeting. OT. wants the help of the Golden Arrows (a clan with ties to Issaries and the Harmony rune) to make peace with Trolls: OT needs a new hiding place in The Rubble and Bolg’s Uz are harassing him. OT promises cash reward. Wolfshelm looks at the pretty girl with the cloak and basket of baked goods. This is going to be rolled in with clan meeting. The wind lords take off in a puff of wind.
#8 Peter Connecting Oghma and his alynx They speak to the alynxes of the windlords. He followed their spooky moves to a place between Wyvern Gate and New Pavis. The windlords elevate themselves to the wall top and go over. Oghma is dubious about relying on this lot.
#9 CM Intrigue Halarax meeting with Timo, Tykella at clan HQ H. has come to pay for the funeral of a Golden Arrow member killed on the attacked barge. He has come to use the clan’s peace resources and long-standing ritual connection with the nomads to make peace with Blue Llama before the Lunar occupiers send out a punitive raid. He gets chased off by the crew.
#10 Kate Connecting Most of the crew, -Oghma [Kole’s idea, but on Calliope’s budget]. Calliope suggests that helping the rebels will pay off with improved prominence among the exiled Orlanthi in New Pavis. And a Rubble Raid will be profitable. So Tykella, holding the chair of Issaries, agrees to let the team go and employ the clan’s Peace resources, and gives her an icon of their ancestors to carry.
#11 Mark Solo Ty Studies his secret map and comes up with a super-clever plan for getting the team in and out of the Rubble (to be revealed as the scene unfolds)
#12 Kate Solo Calliope Baking: thinks of the kind of buns Trolls want. Sadly, corpse of Dolphin Gang member not available (shades of Sweeny Todd)
#13 Kole Solo Stayn Goes over the mythology to see how clan heritage can help the peacemaking: the Onetree Exchange, where Issaries learned that communication and trade can be effective as war in promoting the life of the clan.
#14? Ron Solo Booster [Uses his underworld connections to dig up a rumor about a crumbling crack on the west wall between Wyvern Gate and New Pavis
#15 Peter Solo Oghma Peter investigates wall and digs the crack a little deeper. Somehow Oghma got word to the crew before the raid that the windlords seem a little unreliable as a form of transport.
#16 Sam Solo O-gul Asks cronies in bar for info. It is basically: throw the young people as distractions while you run away.
#17 Ron Connecting Booster Uses his underworld connections to try and roll up a helpful NPC. Rolls well and I give him Griselda. She is interested in backing the venture out of; a) an interest in promoting young “talent”, b) a cut of the profits from any scavenging, c) a bit of a patriotic streak. She will send Wolfshead with a loan of some sweet Dwarven climing gear to help the guys get in.
#18 GM Extended Contest Most of the crew / Wolfshead, Bolg & his Trolls Not really an extended contest: more an Group Simple contest to determine how easily the crew gets to the appointed meeting place where the Uz and the windlords have been tussling. Individually, only 2 characters take some hits. The sneaking works well over all. We do some fictional positioning: next session will begin with a REAL extended contest to handle the negotiations between the Golden Arrows, Tintalker, and Bolg.
Welcome to the Rubble
rumble and rambling in the rubble
Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Extended Caliope vs. Bold, Stayn vs. Hobboomb, Ty vs. Uzgak The trio persuade Bolg to participate in a peace ritual (a clan handshake) to overcome his persistent challenges to the exiled Orlanth priest. Stayn outplays a troll drummer. Ty gets O-gul and Oghma to participate in frenzied dancing. Trollkin skelletons and death magic galore.
#2 GM Scheming Ginkizzie G. indicates a delay in the schedule: there needs to be a greater security to the sewers draining into the Zola Fel (bringing in a Loresheet)
#3 GM Scheming Orvost Tintalker A much delayed Tintalker floats to the top of the wall and looks out into the rubble, wondering if the clan members made it through the night.
#4 Stayn Connecting/NPC Stayn/Kilmartig Tizintie (Argan Argar follower) Kilmartig is very impressed with the clan. Proposes that they use a troll tunnel to get back into New Pavis unnoticed by the authorities. For a price. Proposes that they complete the rubble raid that Ty had long been proposing, give the trolls a cut to pay for passage
#5 Ty Connecting/Team Ty, Calliope, Stayn Ty finally gets to lay out his simmering plans: near the Small Quarry there is a rumored ancient treasure of some undefinable type and hidden securely. It is near a heavily trafficked and guarded area (later, we learn it is an excavation site that the Dwarves are using to build their new sewer security system)
#6 GM Connecting/Intrigue PCs/A band of Old Pavisites, Rurik and Sundomers They pass by the translucent obelisk of Pavis’ Temple and are suitably puzzled. The crew are flustered by the onrushing of a squad of Sundomer militia on one of their periodic raids against trolls, led by Runelord Rurik Runespear. The Old Pavisites do not want trouble. Our crew lie about having been in the company of Bolg and crew. Not wanting to be ill-mannered and employ Yelmalion truth magic against allies, Rurik buys the fib.
#7 GM Connecting/Scheming Rurik Runelord confides to his second that the Dwarven engineering will keep the Uz out, and that the Sundomers will increase pressure on the UZ. Rurik wants to demonstrate to Sor-Eel and the Lunars that the worshipers of Yelmalio are the ones who will retake Pavis for humanity.
#8 Caliope Connecting/NPC PCs/Scorpions, Spiders Got a little loose: Calliope and crew did a quick visit to the places where she harvests spider silk. The harvesting is going alright until scorpions, the clan’s traditional enemies, start snipping at the PCs’ heels. Deft stickwork allows Calliope to smash the scorpions with the butt of her silk spindle, while still sweeping up choice threads from the nests.
#9 Caliope Connecting/NPC PCs/Scorpions, Spiders Got a little loose: Calliope and crew did a quick visit to the places where she harvests spider silk. The harvesting is going alright until scorpions, the clan’s traditional enemies, start snipping at the PCs’ heels. Deft stickwork allows Calliope to smash the scorpions with the butt of her silk spindle, while still sweeping up choice threads from the nests.
#10 ? ? The crew dodge the eyes of the quarrymen and get close to the spot where the “treasure” was to be found. Turns out to be an air elemental still inhabiting an alveolus from the lungs of the Faceless Statue out of whom the city of Pavis was build. Just wants to help. Joins in with Stayn too.

This is the “treasure” they have been seeking. How to divide it with the Uz? That remains to be seen.

Scene Economy: got a little loose and we missed out on a few color scenes: is there a way to do dungeon delving while still including the idea of individual spotlights, decisive encounters with NPCs? Maybe. Perhaps the skeleton of the heroquest can provide a backbone for an “adventure.” Or be bold with editing. Yeah, that’s it — allow characters to make bold director-style edits with there scenes, jumping in time, etc.

Current resistance setting: moderate, Default resistance is 17, augments are 15 [goes up to 18/15 after the next adventure]

Digging Up Death

The only wrong move during the heroquest was drinking on the job. No, no, no. Humakt no like. But the quest worked well. And the final bonus wasn’t affected. But the surge of divine power into your clan was less than it could have been. Them’s the breaks.

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue JorJar the Quick and his Trollkin Jor Jar warns his Trollkin about ghouls on the streets.
#2 Stayn Connect/Team All the Golden Arrows in the Rubble STayn does not want to give up the wind spirit to the Trolls. He suggests they sneak out of the Rubble using the chink in the wall they had found earlier. The roll to accomplish this fails, as a result there is a change: Oghma tells them that Booster has been lost in the caverns while trailing trolls in the hopes of having a sneaky way into Pavis.
#3 Ty Connect Ty and the Wind Spirit Ty and the spirit (actually, a sorcerous essence with a very friendly interface programmed by Pavis) commence an exploration of the dungeon into which Booster got lost. It soon becomes apparent that Ty is being drawn into re-enacting Humakt’s discovery of death [later, it is intimated that Tintalker has been activating a real-world Heroquest and Ty has been drawn into it].
#4 Ty Solo Ty Ty meditates and recalls to himself his Granfather’s tales of Humakt’s exploits. Begins some solo exploration aided by Wind Spirit. Discovers and ancient dagger
#5 Stayn Solo STayn S. draws together his memories of ancient this-world heroquest rituals and tries to come up with advice for Ty: set your purpose, find a ritual object to imbue with power, and follow in the foosteps of the god.
#6 GM Connecting/Intrigue Tintalker and Stayn T., acting in the role of Orlanth asks Stayn — who has the rune of Illusion but is not a follower of the Trickster — to steal Death from Ty, who is busy acting out the role of Humakt.
#7 HEROQUEST xxx Ty @ Humakt, Stayn @ Eurmal, Tintalker waiting outside, a lost Sundomer @ Yelm, Booster @ Orlanth Myth details below

Stayn and crew overcome some non-canonical interruptions of the myth: Ogul is an “ancestor” who asks them to be shrewd rather than courageous, but he is ignored; they are offered liquor and imbibe, which is counter to Humakt’s will. The run into a Booster and Cedric the Sundomer in the middle of an argument. Booster seems possessed, and he is: the heroquest is compelling him to act like the defiant Orlanth who uses death to teach the haughty sun a lesson. Cedric is left dead. At this point, Chaos makes its entry as it did in the myth: monsters – in this case the undead — break in. In his Hero light, Ty leads the charge against 3 ghoul warriors, a ghoul woman and 2 ghoul twins. The quest ends with a return to Pavis via the route scouted out by Booster and Ty places the blade in the temple to Humakt on Sword Street

Leftover Scenes: (stuff I should have said at the time)

  • GM/Connect/3rd Party: Scharman Ingli would make some move to draw the Golden Arrows into some street action against his enemies and Jor Jar’s protection racket
  • GM/Solo/In-Group/Tintalker laments the failure of his heroquest — without Death in his hands the revolution will be delayed
  • GM/Solo/Out-Group/Jor-Jar in some alley fight down by the docks against some fierce ghouls
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party/Scharman Ingli totting up incoming/outcoming cash shows great discontent with the montly expenses on payments to Jor-Jar’s protection racket. He scratches out Jor Jar’s name angrily
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party

Default Resistance 19/16 on next adventure.

with friends like these ...

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Color X x Courageous, Ingili
#2 Stayn Color X x Ambitious, Temple to Air
#3 Callipoe Color X x ?, Lafe happens, you make best
#4 GM Scheming X x Ambition, Gortar< Amelio, Silver Ring
#5 Stayn Connecting X x ?, Mom – inspire
#6 GM Color X Jor Jor-Jars
#7 Ty Connect X x Courageous
#8 Jor-Jar ? X x ?, Intrigue
#9 Scharman ? X x ?, Intrigue
#10 Ty Solo X x ?, -
#11 Ty Color X x ?, Temple

Unstable War -3

# GM/Player Type Note
1 GM Scheme Halarax Matu Song
2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White, massage & promise
3 Ty Connect Ambition/Move Brown ’n White the Duck (Eggs) Zephy, Puzzle canal
4 Calliope Connect Shrewd Home, making, ? Homboom
5 Lita Connect ? Calliope used the kind? Sent to talk to Jorjar
5 GM Scheme Tintalker the messiah talking to whom?
6 Zephyrus Connect Stayn, Cal, Zeph, and bunch of others?
7 Was there some sort of Zephyrus solo scene?
8 Jotoran Longsword
9 GM Intrigue GimGim! Trouble at the air temple
9 Stayn Connect Calliope, Stayn Drugs. Drug guy and GimGim (disguise)
10 The Final Conflict: The massive destruction of the temple it explodes


They wanted peacemaking onside: but hey just went for it. Still, you guys proved yourselves to be good peacemakers.
Peace +3
War +3 for making pals w. duck bandits

I have to make these notes right away or they make no damn sense.

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.

Clan fought the Law
and the clan won

Players’ Resource Focus: Morale
GM’s Resource Focus: War

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 Ogul Color ? x
#2 Ty Color Humakt x
#3 Stayn Color Problem with authority x
#4 Calliope Color ? x
#5 Ingili Scheming X x
#6 JorJar Scheming X x
#7 Ty Connecting X x
#8 JorJar Intrigue X x
#9 JorJar Color X x
#10 Doranda Scheming X x
#11 Doranda Intrigue X x
#? Ingili Scheming In street x
#12 Zephyrus Color X x
#13 Zephyrus Color X x


Default Resistance 21/17 on next adventure.

Showdown at the Temple
it all goes boom

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

1620/Storm Season/Movement Week/Windsday — High Holy Day

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Scheme Halarax H. is teaching a derisive song about Orlanth and praise of Matu, the storm god cult promoted by the Empire: this is based on the popular songs that were chanted by partisans of different theologies in 3rd century Christendom.
#2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White Stayn seeks healing and message, high priestess of Chalana Arroy suggests that S. should use his songs to promote peace.
#3 Ty Connect Ty, Zephyrus & Brown n’ White The guys are in the middle of another job: using an old map to find some kind of “egg” treasure in the Puzzle Canal. They interrupt a duck in the middle of recovering it. Duck agrees to a deal: they split the 1,000 years-old Kralorean eggs. Zephyrus eats one for good luck. Duck asks if some of his clan can enter the Air temple with the Golden Arrows.
#4 Callipe Solo Scene C. & the troll caravan Calliope transforms the scorpionman parts into tasty buns and gets paid by the Trolls
#5 Lita Connecting Lita and Calliope C. sends L. to negotiate with JorJar the corrupt cop, but that falls through. She gets lost.
#6 GM Scheming Tintalker T. doing some crazy messianic routine.
#7 Zephyrus Connect Z., Stayn, Cal, Zeph Everyone is in the bakery. Various plans are bruited about concerning the upcoming High Holy Day and keeping the clan together. To keep everyone mellow, C. and S. propose distributing hazia-laden buns to the crowd.
#8 ? ? ? Was there a solo Ty scene?
#9 GM Intrigue Jotoran Longsword Longsword expresses his desire to keep the peace in person at the High Temple, and demands that his underling keep things under control. Did I hint at the presence of GimGim the Grim, master spy?
#10 Stayn Connect Stayn, Calliope, the dealer and dude with 1/2 moon mask C. took the valuable eggs and sold them to the gourmand Trolls with the caravan. S. took the money and in a weird encounter with a masked figure, obtained a significant amount of high-grade hazia.
#11 Big Conflict TYPE Falkitius the Good, Jotoran, and the whole crew Wow. The procession through the temple went well. Then Tintalker showed up and went all Sampson on the place. He zapped Falkitius the good. Zephyrus made sure the Ducks didn’t go kamikaze. Ty got the Golden Arrows out. Stayn tried to talk some sense into Tintalker. The odds were balanced, but Tintalker won the roll. The Temple fell to its foundations.

-3 to War (ongoing suspicions due to brawl with Dolphins)
+3 to War (for allegiances to the Ducks)
+3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable)

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.

Holy Shit
why does religion have to be so damn EXPENSIVE?

Player’s Resource: Peace
Target Resource: Wealth

1620/Storm Season/Illusion Week/Entire week

Slow start-up, new character created, some scenes missed

|. Scene Number |. Player/GM? |_. Type |. Characters|. Details|
| #1 | Stayn | Color |Stayn, audience of songs|Stayn composes a song, “Holy Shit” which is designed to inculcate sober, clear-eyed perception of current troubles in Pavis|
| #2 | Javan | Color |Javan, on duty with city proles |Puts on a show of being extra vigilant |
| #3 | Ty | Color |Ty, training for ritual duel as part of devotion ceremony |Ty is really getting warmed up for the devotee ceremony |
| #4 | GM | Intrigue |Jotoran Longsword and the whole clan |At a public meeting Jotoran reads the Imperial proclamation that there will be a ritual wedding of Pavis with the Moon Goddess as a consequence of the destruction of the Air Temple, and that the imminent fall of Whitewall will mean the end of Orlanth worship. |
| #5 | Stayn| NPC |Stayn, Ginkizzie dwarves |Dwarves are unsure of what the marriage means, it is not in the schedule. Stayn convinces them to study their schedule and thus effects a delay in their participation in the remodeling of the temple. But to study Mostal’s schedule they need to complete construction of an observatory in a propitious spot: Uncle Ogul’s bar. |
| #6 | Javan | NPC |Javan, Longsword’s office, view of GimGim heading to torture chambers |Javan fully convinces Longsword that the Golden Arrows will be good on their contribution. |
| #7 | Ty | NPC |Ty, seeking Praxians fails, meets Basmoli berserkers |A search for the allies ends up with a bizarre desert encounter with lion berserkers. They do promise to help Ty meed emissaries of prominent Praxian groups.|
| #8 | GM | Scheme|Jotoran Longsword |J.L. working the enemies of the Golden Arrows |Bullfords, Lismeldings, Latish, Ingili and the Altmandi throw in big cash for wedding of Moon and Pavis|
| #9 | GM | Scheme |Tintalker |T. working friends of the Golden Arrows|The Orvost, Woodpecker, Black Spear, and the Garhounds promise blood and treasure to support the building of the rebel temple in the rubble|
| #10 | GM | Intrigue |Tintalker |Stayn, Javan, and Ty are summoned to a meeting at the hideout. Tintalker drills them about the lack of donations from the G.Arrows. Stayn again fobs him off with promises of forthcoming aid.|
| #11 | Group Extended Conflict | GM & Players |Players pursuing collective agenda: prepare for rebellion |Javan and Stayn spied on Fleeter Nim and the revision of Pavis temple, narrow victory, and Ty meets various tribal representatives and presents himself as possible ally. |


  • the clan’s War resource remained unaffected, though still in crisis
  • Clan got both interested parties to back off a while on demands for religious contribution
    [ ] no change to Wealth
  • +3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable and for reaching out to Praxians)


  • Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure. [previous resistance was not updated, so don’t be unfair to players]
  • We will pick up on 1620, Truth Week, Freezeday. This is the last week before Sacred Time
    “In the two weeks of a Year (the fourteen days just before the spring equinox), the barrier between the Mundane World and Otherworlds is weakened. Magical rituals are done during this time in each communities for this status. "
  • next session will be “Luck Week”
  • the following session will be “Fate Week”
    at the end of that, we will look at the state of the clan and plan for arc #2